Michaëlle Jean. (file photo)

Michaëlle Jean said Sunday that she is giving up her dual French citizenship. Jean takes up her post as Governor General of Canada on Tuesday.

In a brief statement, Jean said she was making the move given the duties she will be assuming, including the title of commander in chief of the Canadian Forces.

Jean was born in Haiti and grew up in Montreal. She acquired French citizenship when she married filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond, who was born in France.

Jean will be installed Tuesday as Governor General, succeeding Adrienne Clarkson.

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Text of Statement by Governor General-designate Michaëlle Jean, Sept. 25:

"In light of the responsibilities related to the function of Governor General of Canada and Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces, I have decided to renounce the French citizenship that I acquired for family reasons in 2004.

"France acceded to my request by decree on September 23, 2005."