New French super hospital plans unveiled

The University of Montreal released new details about its plan to set up a French language super hospital. It will be called the CHUM, and it will be a combination of three existing French language hospitals, Hotel-Dieu, Hopital St. Luc, and Hopital Notre Dame.

Quebec Health Minister Pauline Marois appointed a former head of the Mouvement Desjardins, Claude Bland, to run a corporation that'll set up the new hospital. Beland says, " "We will invest 700-million dollars in this new project." The hospital will go up at the downtown intersection of Saint Denis street and Rosemont Avenue, by 2006.

One of the board's priorities will be deciding exactly what it is they want to build. Robert Lacroix explains, ""We have to figure out what kind of hospital we'll need in the next 30 years; not only in terms of health care, but in terms of research and of teaching."