The New Brunswick Health Council has released its first snapshot on the health of young people from age 10 to 19.

Thirty per cent of those surveyed did not feel their mental health was very good or excellent.

As for physical health, the report said three out of five young New Brunswickers are not active enough, three out of four do not eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables and only half get eight hours of sleep per night.

One out of every four young persons is overweight or obese.

The Council's Stephane Robichaud said the report is not meant to offer suggestions, but to make people aware of the situation.

"The tool is really meant, depending on the level at which you work, to help flag issues and assess whether or not current strategies are adequate," said Robichaud.

The report is based on the most recent data available from Statistics Canada, and the New Brunswick Departments of Wellness, Culture and Sport, Education, Social Development, and Service New Brunswick.

Robichaud said the Snapshot on the health of young New Brunswickers will be done annually to find out if any progress is being made.