York Care Centre reopens to visitors after illness outbreak

Fredericton's York Care Centre has lifted a ban on visitors, put into place on May 8 during an outbreak of gastro-intestinal illness.

Fredericton nursing home was under 3-week lockdown with residents, staff sick

The York Care Centre in Fredericton has reopened to visitors following an outbreak of gastro-intestinal illness at the nursing home earlier this month.

At least 21 residents were suffering from vomiting and diarrhea when the ban was put in place on May 8.

Some staff members also became ill.

“The key issue with an outbreak of this nature is to isolate the organism, suspend normal traffic patterns, and reduce the opportunities for residents who have been exposed to interact with others," president and CEO Kevin Harter said in a statement on Thursday.

"The other element of precaution is to prevent people bringing the organism in from the outside or carrying it out into the community; hence, we suspended visiting during this time."

Other precautions such as infection control, isolation and hand-washing were also put into place.

York Care Centre is one of the largest nursing homes in Fredericton. The facility, located at 100 Sunset Dr., has about 214 residents.