Two Woodstock men are spending the next few days and nights living on the roof of a building in an attempt to raise money for the Relay for Life.

Andrew Garnett and Scott Dunlop are the co-chairs of the Woodstock Relay for Life and they are also the people behind a fundraising campaign they are calling, "two fools on a roof."

The two Woodstock men will live on the roof until Monday at noon and they are hoping to raise even more than the $18,000 they collected last year.

Garnett and Dunlop take cash donations via a zipline to the ground, they offer a 50/50 draw and local businesses buy corporate signs that they display.

"We tried to think of different ideas and we thought, you know, with a deck it would be kind of foolish to live on a deck for that long, so who else would do that besides two fools,” Garnett said.

The pair will live on the deck for 100 hours as a part of the fundraising campaign.

Two 'Fools on a roof'

Andrew Garnett and Scott Dunlop are the co-chairs of the Woodstock Relay for Life. (CBC)

This is the fifth year that the two individuals have decided to live on a roof to raise funds for cancer research.

Dunlop said the fundraising campaign has grown over the years and so has the deck that they are living on.      

"We started with an 8x16 deck and then we doubled it and then this year we've added a 16-foot gangway and a games room behind us and yeah, it's been pretty fun,” Dunlop said.

The two “fools” have chairs that double as beds, a tarp for dealing with May's unpredictable weather, a barbecue for cooking, a television and a pool table.

The Relay for Life is a fundraising campaign organized by the Canadian Cancer Society.