Woodside plans special council planning retreat

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is planning a retreat for the incoming city council to map out the group's priorities for the next four years.

Bruce Grandy credited for concept of brain-storming session

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is planning a retreat for the incoming city council to map out the group’s priorities for the next four years.

Woodside and the majority of the city councillors will be sworn in on May 28.

Once that ceremony is over, Woodside said he will plan the retreat.

He said it will be a meeting where councillors and staff will gather to brainstorm ideas that came out of the recent municipal election campaign.

Woodside, who won his eighth term as mayor on Monday, said the session would give the incoming council a game plan  from the start.

He said that municipal roadmap will be made public so that Fredericton residents will know what the city's priorities will be over the next four years.

"It will leave no misunderstanding about what this new council is all about and what we plan on achieving," he said.

Woodside said the public would then be able to follow council's progress and see whether the goals are being met.

"I want to present to the public exactly what the new council's priorities are and exactly what we plan on doing over the next four years. So that people can not only watch us, but keep an eye to make sure we're doing what we said we would do," he said.

The suggestion of a special planning session came from Coun. Bruce Grandy, who was re-elected on Monday, who argued the retreat would be helpful because there were so many issues raised during the municipal election campaign.

Grandy said the planning session would help build the new council into a team.

"Everybody heard different things and the neighbourhoods over here on the southside have different ideas than the northside. So let's get together and get all those ideas on the board," Grandy said.

Fredericton voters are sending three new councillors to city hall.

Greg Ericson was victorious in Ward 8. He defeated former Fredericton mayor Sandy DiGiacinto.

Leah Levac unseated incumbent councillor Stephen Kelly in a crowded field of five candidates in Ward 10.

And Kate Rogers won election in Ward 11.