A firing range in Fredericton is trying to get more women interested in shooting guns for sport.

The Northside Indoor Pistol Range has started hosting an introductory course for women.

On Saturday, a handful of students came out to fire a weapon for the very first time.

“I've never had a gun. Never touched a gun,” said Sandra Ferris, a retired school teacher.

She decided for her birthday this year she wanted to fire a gun. 

Owner Don Goodine starts beginners with smaller calibre pistols, including .22 semi-automatics and a 9-mm beretta.

He said every shooter comes to find the gun they love the most.

But before they pull the trigger, he checks to see that everyone's got their ear and eye protection on.

The first shot comes as a shock, he said, but then it gets a little easier.

“Oh it was fantastic,” said Ferris.

Goodine said he'll host ladies day the last Saturday of every month. He adds most women tell him they feel more comfortable learning in a group that's restricted to female students.

The range charges $25 an hour. Bullets are extra.