Women's football team heading for Europe

Canada's national football team is heading for Europe to compete in the Women's World Football Championship.

10 New Brunswickers make national squad

Ten New Brunswickers made the national team. (CBC)

Canada's national team is heading to Europe to compete in the Women's World Football Championship.

The 45-player roster includes 10 women from New Brunswick. Canada won silver at the 2010 tournament and is aiming for gold at the June 28 to July 7 event in Vantaa, Finland.

Organizers say tackle football is growing in popularity among women.

Kristen Chatterton from Nackawic trained for the 2010 games in Sweden, but had to withdraw when she became pregnant. "It was kind of hard for me to go forward from there," she said.

She tried again this time and made the team.

"I was on the reserve roster for quite some time, so it was kind of iffy. It didn't really hit me until I got that phone call and it was just a really big rush," she said. "I was doing some fundraising just in case."

$20K raised in two months

Robyn Neill of Fredericton said she wants to prove she's one of the best football players in the world.

"I am overwhelmed with excitement. I am so excited," said Neill. " I don't know what to anticipate because I've never been to such a huge tournament, but I'm ready for it."

The team raised more than $20,000 in two months to fund the trip through donations and sponsorships.

"The support has been overwhelming," said coach Cheryl O'Leary. "We play in a sport like any other sport, whether it's young kids or older children, where if you want to better your program, you have to fundraise."

Team Canada began building the squad last February with selection camps in Moose Jaw and Fredericton. The team was selected from 75 prospects.

Canada will compete against the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Finland and Spain.