A New Brunswick woman, charged in connection with the discovery of the body of a newborn in a snow bank on Taylor Road near Monteagle in 2009, has been granted bail.

Christine Margaret Wood, 30, of Riverview, made a brief appearance in Moncton provincial court on Tuesday, after being in police custody for three days.

The Crown and defence both agreed to her release, provided she follows several conditions, including keep the peace and alerting authorities if she changes her address.


The infant was found in a snow bank on a desolate stretch of dirt road. (CBC)

Wood will return to court on July 3 to enter a plea on a charge of concealing the body of a child.

Police say more charges are possible.

RCMP allege Wood disposed of the body of her baby boy with the intent to conceal the fact that she had given birth to him.

She was arrested in Hillsborough on May 17. Police say they were led to her through information received over the course of the four-year investigation, which included featuring the case in a Crime Stoppers video.

Terry Keating, the mayor of Salisbury, the community closest to where the baby was found, says he's glad charges have finally been laid.


'Baby Taylor' rests in a cemetery in Monteagle, not far from the area where his body was discovered. (CBC)

"In this case you're talking about a baby right, so that touches the heart, right? And this community has jumped all over this and certainly buried him back in Monteagle and that sort of thing, so hopefully it brings closure and hopefully it helps this community to heal a little bit because it does touch the heart."

The baby's body was discovered on a remote logging road by four people who were riding all-terrain vehicles on April 4, 2009.

At the time, police said the body may have been left in the snow bank as early as October 2008.

The baby is legally known as Baby Boy Doe but became known as Baby Taylor in the weeks following the discovery of his body based on the name of the road where he was found.

The community held a funeral service, which was attended by about 200 people. A local business donated a headstone for the baby.