Organizers of Winterfest in Fredericton are pressing ahead this weekend, despite the warm weather.

They have had snow trucked in from malls and city streets to help the eighth annual event happen, said founder John Antworth.

"We did not anticipate continued rain and mild weather but I guess you learn to be flexible and optimistic and you take these challenges and address them as you have to," he said.

Winterfest runs Saturday and Sunday on Royal Road on the city's north side.

The festival was postponed last month due to flooding and a lack of snow at its original location, the fields off Sunset Drive.

Antworth thinks the event is still salvageable.

"I think as organizers we all believe in it, or we wouldn't be doing it, because we're doing it on our spare time," he said. "We have a strong feeling that it should happen and that it's worth fighting for."

The annual event, which includes snow sculptures, ice slides and mazes, usually draws about 10,000 visitors.

Meanwhile, another Fredericton event scheduled for the weekend has fallen victim to the unseasonably mild weather.

The Killarney Cup Pond Hockey Tournament has been cancelled due to poor ice conditions.