Wheel clamping bad for Moncton: City

The city of Moncton is concerned that wheel clamping might tarnish its image.

Drivers in New Brunswick say they have been getting the boot.

Tourists and residents of Moncton report that they have had their wheels clamped when parked on private property.

The city says this is bad for business.

"The boot clamping people are aggressive," said city spokesperson Paul Thompson. "We know that and we hear that."

Thompson said the city is concerned that wheel clamping might tarnish Moncton’s image.

He said the practice is, however, very difficult to legislate or regulate.

Instead, the city wants to work with private lot owners to design a uniform sign that would warn motorists where not to park.

A business association, Downtown Moncton Inc., is working with private lot owners to design, pay for and put up the signs.

"I guess the goal is that there would be no need for the boot in Moncton anymore," said Lawrence Forbes, who speaks for the group.

"There just won't be a need. People will respect private parking lots and they will be well identified so they can."

Forbes said the issue has been on the city's agenda since fall of 2009.