WestJet has cancelled several of its flights in and out of Moncton for the last few days because of winter storm warnings, despite no official warning from Environment Canada.

WestJet is the only airline in Moncton that issued a cancellation warning, stranding travellers just as March break swings into high gear. Some WestJet flights headed to the United States were also delayed or cancelled.

Now many travellers are stuck, while others are taking extreme measures to deal with the cancellations.

Krista-Lee Jardine and her husband were scheduled to leave Fort McMurray, Alta on Thursday. The couple was headed for New Brunswick to visit their new granddaughter, but they only arrived in New Brunswick on Saturday after deciding to rent a car.

"Last night they decided to cancel the one they rebooked for us," she said. "My husband rented a car and we drove... from Toronto to Moncton, non-stop. [We're] very tired, very rundown."

Jardine said they were told the cancellations were due to poor weather, but when they called their family in New Brunswick, they were told the weather was fine.

University student Matthew Britton hitched a ride with the couple after he too was stranded.

"Everybody was frustrated," he said. "It was just the same thing over and over. You go through security, you wait in the airport for eight hours, then at the very last minute you're told your flight is cancelled. You get your luggage, go to a low-level motel and stay there, and then do the whole thing over again."

A woman working at the Air Canada desk in Moncton's airport told CBC News that she’s booked several WestJet passengers hoping to salvage some of their vacations.