Wasser's son awoke to mother's screams, jury hears

The jury at Ronald Wasser's attempted murder trial heard testimony Tuesday from his two sons and the 911 call they made about their mother being shot.

Ronald Wasser, 48, of Riverview, accused of trying to kill his soon-to-be ex-wife with a shotgun last May

Two of Ronald Wasser's sons took the stand Tuesday at his attempted murder trial.

The jury also heard the 911 call they made about their mother being shot.

Wasser, 48, of Riverview, is accused of trying to kill his estranged wife, Norma Wasser, 49, with a shotgun last May.

He is also charged with discharging a firearm at her with the intent to wound or endanger her life, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Robert Wasser, 20, said he heard his mother screaming on May 29, about 5:30 a.m. He said he knew something had happened and started dialing 911.

I was pretty sure it was my father.- Robert Wasser, son of the accused

"I was pretty sure it was my father," he testified.

Robert said he had given his mother an axe to keep by her bed, just in case something happened.

He described his loving relationship with his mother, saying it was "polar opposite" with his father.

He said he found his mother bleeding in her basement bedroom and smelled gun powder. He applied pressure to her wound and tried to calm her down, he said.

Michael Wasser, 23, testified he awoke to his mother's screams.

He said he initially thought the noise was an alarm clock, but when he realized what it was he ran downstairs where he found Robert helping their mother.

He also smelled gun powder and saw part of the door on the floor, he told the Moncton courtroom.

Norma Wasser testified on Monday her locked bedroom door had been kicked in. She saw Ronald Wasser in the doorway, then heard a bang.

The shot broke her arm in two places and broke an artery, she said.

Her injuries could have killed her, the courtroom heard.

The couple was in the midst of divorce proceedings at the time. Ronald Wasser had been ordered by the court to move out of their Kerry Court residence by May 29, the day of the shooting.

Both sons testified they didn't see their father that night as they were on their way to help their mother.

They did see their father being brought out of his bedroom. Michael described him as being unresponsive due to an overdose of pills.