A popular Fredericton winter festival is being postponed after warm weather caused the usual site to flood.

The annual Winterfest usually draws about 10,000 visitors but Fredericton usually has a lot more snow than it does now.

John Antworth was forced to begin looking for a new location for this year's Winterfest event on Tuesday when he realized the fields off Sunset Drive were flooded.

"We'd started some harvesting. We collect the snow that goes into building the ice slides and the maze, which is when we discovered the water," Antworth said.

The flooding means there isn't enough snow to build the snow sculptures, ice slide and mazes that are part of the festival, which was scheduled to start in two weeks.

Claude Cote, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said the warm weather and rain has shrunk the snow depth in the city to 3 cm from the normal depth of 23 cm.

Antworth said the festival has been rescheduled to the weekend of Feb. 20 at a new site on the Royal Road.

Antworth said the organizers are hoping for better conditions for the new date.

"It takes a good two weeks to work out the logistics to do the construction for the site," he said.