A search party made up of about 80 volunteers spent hours on Saturday looking for a Mount Allison student who disappeared in November in the Sackville, N.B. area.

Christopher Metallic was last seen Nov. 25 leaving a house party on Allison Street in Sackville.

The RCMP searched the area for several days with a helicopter, police dog and a team of divers.

With no new clues or information as to Metallic's whereabouts, the active search was called off on Dec. 4.

But family friend Amanda Cardinal-Stright isn't giving up hope.

She helped organize the eight-hour search effort on Saturday.

"We are searching in different areas. Where the ground search and rescue, when Christopher went missing, only really did one area we're doing all over the place," she said.

The volunteers covered searched around Wood Point near Sackville.

Cardinal-Stright said Metallic's mother is still hopeful.

"They're just overwhelmed with the support that they're getting from the community and she's coping as best as she can at this particular moment under this stress. [She's] hoping that today is the day that she finds her boy," said Cardinal-Straight.

They group found no sign of Metallic, but Cardinal-Stright said Saturday's search showed the volunteers there are still more places to scour.

She said she'll continue searching on Sunday.