Katherine Guérard, a professor at the University of Moncton, is currently looking for volunteers for memory experiments. (University of Moncton)

The psychology department at the University of Moncton is looking for volunteers to participate in various lab experiments.

"In an experiment, we usually need about 20 to 30 people, and we do about 10 or 20 experiments during the year," said Katherine Guérard, a professor.

"The summer is definitely for us a big challenge because most of our participants are students and during the winter and fall semesters it's really easy to have them, but during the summer they're gone, so we have to find other ways to contact people and to find them."

Guérard is currently seeking adult volunteers with good memories who speak French for the experiments she is running to try to figure out how people use motor skills, such as hand actions, to remember words or objects.

Other professors, who are researching everything from how couples interact, to how children learn things and how diseases, such as Alzheimers and schizophrenia could be treated, have different requirements, she said.

Guérard suggests anyone who is interested in the opportunity to participate in research that could lead to new ways of understanding how people behave to check the psychology department's website for contact information on the various experiments being conducted.