A small New Brunswick community is attempting to clean up and assess flood damage but there is still a threat of more flooding from an ice jam on a nearby river.

thick layer of ice continues to block a portion of the Nashwaak River in the community of Stanley, located about 40 kilometres north of Fredericton.

Village of Stanley Mayor Mark Foreman said they're trying to assess the damage to the fire hall and the rest of the community.

"The fire hall, we’ve moved a few of the trucks back in and have done a bit of a cleanup, but not too much because the ice jam is still there so we’re just waiting to see what the next step is," said Foreman.

"There’s no sense in doing any major repairs right now because if the ice jam doesn’t move and we have the water rise again then we’re right back to where we were."

He said things are looking better for the residents of Stanley.

"The water has receded now out of most of the homes. We have full access other than having to pump the water out of three or four of the basements still. Power has been connected back to all but four, right now," said Foreman.

He said over the next few days, the village will calculate a cost estimate of how much damage the flooding caused.

Foreman said two computers inside the fire hall were completely submerged.  

He said there is no insurance against flooding so the fire department's losses are not covered.