Victor Boudreau's campground plans spark 49 appeals

A large campground that Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau wants to build in his own riding of Shediac-Cap-Pelé continues to draw stiff resistance from area residents who have now filed 49 appeals against the project.

Shediac council has approved proposal by Liberal MLA and partners to build 700-site RV park in town

People opposed to Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau's plans to build a large campground in his riding of Shediac-Cap-Pelé have filed 49 appeals with the Town of Shediac's planning commission.

MLA Victor Boudreau is also facing a conflict of interest complaint over his plans to build a 700-site campground in his riding.
"Our ultimate goal would be to stop it completely and have them relocate that trailer park somewhere's else," said Charlotte Leblanc, speaking on behalf of a group of area residents.

In April, town council approved a proposal by Boudreau and others to turn the wooded land between the Parlee Beach Provincial Park and the road to Pointe-du-Chêne into a campground for large motor homes.

With 700 sites, it would be the largest campground in the region.

Leblanc contends Shediac doesn't need any more campgrounds, with eight already in the town, offering more than 1,000 sites.

"We've inquired, they're never 100 per cent full except the two weeks that the Quebecers and Ontario people come down. Most of the time they're 35 to 40 per cent full," she said.

Leblanc also worries the campsite could contribute to flooding during storms and wants an environmental impact study done to see if the local herons and ducks will be affected.

Some residents of Shediac and Pointe-du-Chêne are unhappy with plans to open a large campground in the area. (CBC)
If the campground does proceed, Leblanc doesn't want it next to the popular cottage area.

"It's going to take away the quality of life not only for the Pointe-du-Chêners and Parlee Beach, but for people living in Shediac because there's going to be too much congestion," she said.

In an email, Boudreau said he and his partners are following all of the necessary steps in order to obtain the proper permits.

Shediac Mayor Jacques LeBlanc says the matter is now in the hands of the planning commission.

A date for the appeals has not yet been set.

The project also still needs the province's approval before it can be built.

The land rezoned by council is within town limits, but the project depends on the town annexing property outside town limits.

Shediac campground operator has also filed a conflict of interest complaint against Boudreau.


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