Unplugged Café in Riverview is closing its doors today.

The café, which offered patrons a chance to play a wide variety of board games while serving food and drinks, began selling off its extensive collection of board games last week.

Kristin O'Connor, the owner of the café, said there wasn't just one thing that caused the business to fold, calling it "death by a thousand cuts."

O'Connor said there was a financial limit to what she was willing to invest.

"I hit my bottom limit and so I had to make a decision," said O'Connor.

O'Connor said the Fredericton Unplugged location, which has different owners, will not be affected by the closure.

O'Connor said finances weren't the only reason for the closure. Other reasons include temporarily losing their parking lot at a busy time, as well as some potential customers not showing up. 

"There are still people who are saying, 'we wish we could've come in, we never made it in,'" said O'Connor.

"Well it's been two years. If they haven't made it in in two years, I don't know that it's a priority."

O'Connor said the amount of money she has put into the business is roughly equal to the cost of going to university, so she is treating the experience as education.

O'Connor said she plans to someday open another business, but said that's not in her immediate future.

"For now I'm just going to get a job and take a break," said O'Connor.

"Yes, getting a job is taking a break."