University of Moncton

The University of Moncton plans a mix of educational, commercial and residential buildings when it develops 80 hectares of land. (University of Moncton)

The University of Moncton is planning to develop 80 hectares of land it owns across from the campus, which could result in improved services and increased research.

University president Raymond Théberge envisions a mix of commercial, residential and educational buildings for the property, located along Morton Avenue. 

It will be rented to developers for 50 years, with that money going into a trust fund, he said.

"Hopefully also through this project, we will create a trust, which will be able to generate research dollars to finance research at the university," he said.

Théberge wants to co-operate with the community college, the provincial government and the health districts to see how to best use the property.

The first 10 hectares will be used to provide better services to staff and students, he said.

"For example, we don't have a medical clinic, we don't have a pharmacy, we don't have those kinds of facilities. So ultimately, we have 5,000 people every day working and learning here, but with very few services," said Théberge.

"We've asked the private sector to come up with proposals for two specific projects. One is a medical centre and second is a conference centre-hotel."

The 100-room hotel will be built across from the stadium, he said.