Sylvia Bryson

Sylvia Bryson's sexual discrimination complaint against the University of New Brunswick went before the Human Rights Commission. (CBC)

A discrimination case over the end of women's varsity hockey at the University of New Brunswick was back before a hearing Monday morning.

The university argues the case is moot since the complainant is no longer eligible to play hockey and the team no longer exists.

A lawyer for complainant Sylvia Bryson and the provincial Human Rights Commission says the former defence player was hurt by the university's decision to stop funding women's hockey.

Board chairman Robert Breen noted that the case has "been in play since 2009" and reserved decision on arguments to throw it out.

Bryson has been fighting to have the varsity program reinstated since the university downgraded the squad from varsity status to a club team in 2008.

The university blamed a financial crunch for cutting the team's funding.

The move sparked protests on campus about allegations of sexual discrimination.

Bryson wants the university ordered to reinstate the varsity team.

As a graduate student, she is still eligible to play one more season.