Eddy Campbell

UNB President Eddy Campbell. (University of New Brunswick)

Professors at the University of New Brunswick are celebrating the release of President Eddy Campbell's contract, but its contents are not likely to improve labour relations.

The university posted the contract on its website last week, following an access to information request from the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations.

"Our members cannot fail to notice the contrast between the Board’s support of, and apparent respect for, the work of their most highly-paid employee, and the gaping absence of those two things with regard to the rest of us," said Miriam Jones, president of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers.

She acknowledged, however, that the disclosure will bring some transparency to the school's governance and administration.

The five-year agreement took effect July 1. It includes an annual salary of $376,471, with annual raises of two per cent. It also allows for any economic adjustment for executives approved by the Board Executive Compensation Committee.


Somerville House is the official residence of the president of the University of New Brunswick. (CBC)

“Given the harmful austerity measures imposed across the University over the last several years, we were surprised to learn that the president enjoyed significant annual pay increases throughout the same period. Indeed, when his basic salary, increases, expense accounts, housing and travel expenses are all added up, his compensation now approaches half a million dollars a year," said Jones. 

Campbell also gets a $12,000 annual research grant and a post-doctoral fellow, research associate or research scientist.

The university provides him with an official residence and a vehicle, and pays his office expenses.

He gets six weeks of vacation a year, but had an additional six weeks last year because there was no break between his two terms.

The school pays $2,000 a year for professional financial services such as investment counselling and income tax filing.

UNB students at the Saint John campus protested the ongoing faculty strike on Monday

UNB students at the Saint John campus protested the faculty strike in January 2014. (Brian Chisholm/CBC)

His dependants qualify for reduced tuition rates. 

When he retires, the school will pay him an allowance.

Once his second term is over, he will be eligible for two years paid administrative leave.

When he leaves the job, the university will pay his moving costs out of the official residence to another location in Canada.

The school also covered up to $3,000 in his legal fees for the employment contract.

The school has justified the president's salary on the grounds that it's necessary to attract a qualified candidate from a competitive national pool, said Jones. 

She says that's also true of academic staff.

"If the Board and upper administration return to the principles of collegial governance, if they embrace the goal of fair labour practices for our lowest-paid members, and if the Board acknowledges our members’ legitimate concerns as expressed over the winter term, then we may indeed ‘get past this time’ and be able to focus our energies on the future. I know our members hope so,” she said.

The federation is still waiting for Mount Allison University to release its president's contract.