Hundreds of plastic JDI tree planters found dumped in forest

Some property owners are seething after finding hundreds of plastic Irving seedling trays dumped in the woods.

Property owners are not happy after finding more than 200 plastic seedling containers left near their land

More than 200 plastic seedling trays had been dumped in the forest along Clauidie Road, just outside the Fredericton city limits (Shane Fowler/CBC)

Some property owners are seething after finding hundreds of plastic Irving seedling trays dumped in the woods. 

More than 200 of the emptied, hard plastic trays, with the letters 'JDI' and the 'Irving' emblem stamped into the plastic, were found in the forest near Claudie Road, just outside the city limits of Fredericton. 

"I'm pretty upset," said Mark McCann, the owner of the property the planters were strewn over. "It's so frustrating." 

"As you go out that road there is a trend of people using the area as a dumping site and we spend time, money and weekends cleaning that stuff up on our dime, " said McCann. 

"So to have a corporation go and dump stuff out there, that's just getting out of control." 

McCann posted photos of his discovery of the trash on social media. The next day he says he was contacted by a representative from JDI. 

"They said that they could relate with how upset I am, that it was dumped on private property," said McCann.

"They're not sure if [the trays] are theirs, but they're going to go out regardless and do a little investigation to see just exactly what happened and how it happened." 

JDI says they don't know how their material ended up as trash in the forest, but told CBC that they will clean it up. 

"We are following up and dispatching a forester to the site," wrote Mary Keith, a spokesperson for JDI.

"At this point, we do not know if the trays are on JDI land. We would not deliberately leave trays on site and are investigating why this step of our process was missed." 

"In our reforestation operations, seedling trays are reused," wrote Keith. "The process is to return the trays once a site has been planted. We will retrieve the trays and return them to the nursery." 

As of 5:45 p.m. Friday afternoon the mess had been cleaned up.

Past Trash

This isn't the first time Irving garbage has been found in the forest.  

Last May thousands of JDI styrofoam tree planter containers and barrels that appeared to contain toxic material were found abandoned in the woods near Parkindale. 

Employees from the company quickly locked down area using security officers and locals reported seeing JDI staff cleaning up the mess. 

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