A car, a transport truck and a bus carrying midget level hockey players crashed into the ditch at around the same spot on the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick Sunday morning. 

Cpl. Jean-Francois Martel from Keswick RCMP said it was a very busy morning for emergency workers.

"The roads were really, really icy and people were having a hard time keeping their vehicle on their road and we dealt with a bunch of collisions and vehicles off the road," he said.

At around 8 a.m., he responded to a vehicle rollover near Newmarket, N.B. at mile marker 263 westbound on the highway, officially known as Route 2.

He left that scene to attend to other accidents, but was called back after a transport truck lost control in that same spot.

Trans Canada Highway closed New Brunswick

Traffic was backed up Sunday morning on Route 2 after the road was closed in both directions due to slippery conditions. (Radio-Canada)

"The fire department remained on scene during which a tractor trailer was coming down the hill and because of the road conditions, which was icy, the tractor trailer couldn't slow down and lost control of his tractor trailer hitting two half ton trucks that were parked on the side of the highway to provide assistance to the first rollover collision, totally demolishing those two vehicles," Martel said. 

"The tractor trailer landed on its side on the ditch, spilling its cargo in the process."

"I responded back to that collision while at the same time a bus was coming down the hill with a hockey team from Sussex who was also unable to stop, lost control of the bus and the bus landed in the ditch."

Highway was closed

Despite the accidents, the only two people injured were those involved in the tractor trailer collision. They're expected to be released from hospital Sunday.

The Trans-Canada Highway reopened in both directions after being closed for 2.5 hours Sunday morning between the Mazerolle Settlement and Harvey exits in New Brunswick.

RCMP said the road closure was due to slippery conditions.

Martel said all those accidents have now been cleared.

With files from Blair Sanderson