A series of handwritten letters have found their way to a New Brunswick woman whose husband arranged to have them delivered over several weeks after leaving the province for work out west.

Tom Mersereau, a heavy-duty mechanic, plumber and truck-driver, moved to Fort McMurray last month in search of work. Before leaving, he arranged for more than a dozen love letters to be hand-delivered to Kathy Mersereau, his wife of 32 years. 

"I love him very much," said Kathy after the last of the arranged letters was delivered Tuesday afternoon, the day before her birthday. "I know how much he loves me, and I thank him for it." 

14 letters

More than a dozen love letters have been hand-delivered to Kathy Mersereau by friends, family and members of the community, all arranged by her husband who had to leave New Brunswick to find work. (Megan Goddard/CBC)

Each note was hand-delivered by friends, neighbours, or a resident from the small community of Tracy, including a CBC reporter. Each delivery came with a dinner, an invitation for coffee, or in the final case – a camera crew.  

 "After 32 years I guess I still shine in his eyes," said Kathy. "It's nice to know he does love and care for me and doesn't want me to be alone." 

Kathy Mersereau

Kathy Mersereau was emotional after reading the final love letter delivered to her by her husband, now living in Fort McMurray. (Megan Goddard/CBC)

"This 14-day letter thing is to pull her out of her shell, because she is such an amazing and wonderful person," said Tom, who worries about leaving his wife alone for long stretches of time. "She misses me so much, and I miss her." 

The couple calls each other constantly, but aren't accustomed to communicating over Skype or Facetime. 

"This might be a bit old school," said Tom Mersereau from Fort McMurray. "But it's about people, getting people face-to-face, talking. And the letters are the purpose behind it." 

Tom and Kathy Mersereau

Tom and Kathy Mersereau have been married for 32 years, but are still finding ways to surprise each other despite being thousands of kilometres apart. (Megan Goddard/CBC)

"It's a very kind, and surprising thing to do," said Kathy Mersereau, who said the attention the elaborate display of affection has received may have been a bit too much. "But that's Tom. Tom is adventurous. He's got a kind heart. And obviously it shows in this, that he pours himself into people and to do spontaneous things."  

Any further surprises from her husband will have to wait a while as he doesn't know when he'll be able to return home.