The northeastern community of Tracadie-Sheila is rallying around a family that suffered a tragic loss in a house fire almost two weeks ago.

Fire crews responded to a house fire at the home of Francois Basque and Genevieve Gagné in Canton des Basques on Sept 17.

Basque, Gagne and three of their children escaped, but their eight-year-old daughter died in the fire.

The family has been receiving donations from businesses and families in the region.

Julie Basque, who is not related to the family, works at a local school and is organizing the donations for the family.

She said people on the Acadian Peninsula are also hoping to build a new house for the family.

"Construction companies offered time, they're going to give us their employees so they can give a few days of work," she said.

"We're not a 100 per cent sure right now that we can say that the house will be built completely 100 per cent free for that family but we're well on our way."

She said a truck load of goods for the family even arrived from Bathurst.

"They had furniture, sofas, kitchen table, computers they even thought about Xbox and [Nintendo] DS for the little girls because don't forget that couple still has three other little girls that they have to take care of," Basque said.

Basque said the family is extremely thankful for all the support.

She said the father, who was burned in the fire, stopped by recently to talk to volunteers.

"And he wanted to thank each and every one of them for the help they were giving his family and we're talking about — that was the same day he came out of the hospital," she said.

Basque said the family wants to give back as well. She said they will be giving anything they don't need to other families in the community.