A troop of Girl Guides from northern New Brunswick had a trip to Disney World snatched away from them only to get it back through the support of the community.

The Girl Guides have been raising money for two years for a trip to Florida next month.

But the organization found out on Friday the tour company they booked their trip with folded and wouldn't be refunding their money.

Colleen Kelly said the Girl Guides paid Jeannine Tours $10,575 for a bus ride, hotels and theme park passes for 21 girls.

"The kids were like, 'Well you have to go to the police. She stole from us, she's a stealer. They know who did it so they just have to go and get it from her.' So these children are like seven to 11. So they think that, when somebody steals from you, you have the right to go and get it back," she said.

The girls had sold 5,000 boxes of cookies for the trip.

Kelly said she received a letter from the owner of the company stating she was "forced to discontinue the operation," adding "I simply could not operate the company without cash flow."

The community of Bathurst came to the girls' aid and they were able to raise $11,000 on Saturday.

Kelly said they're still going to Florida, they're just not sure how they'll get there.

This is not the first time Jeannine Tours has cancelled a trip.

Rose Levi booked a week-long trip to Florida with Jeannine Tours for her family costing more than $3,000 in 2008. But the Bathurst-based tour company cancelled the trip the day before they were supposed to get on the bus, without refunding the money.

There have been 11 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against the company.

New Brunswick has previously explored regulating tour companies but found the market to be too small.

CBC was unable to reach anyone from Jeannine Tours.