The Liberal Opposition is accusing some cabinet ministers of having their heads in the clouds when it comes to saving money – and using the government plane as a taxi service.

One of the perks of being a cabinet minister includes the use of a car paid for by taxpayers.

But some ministers from northern New Brunswick prefer speedier transportation and use the government plane to travel between their ridings and Fredericton.

That means the aircraft often is often flying without passengers.

For instance, the plane's log from July 15 shows it flew empty to Pokemouche to pick up Transportation Minister Paul Robichaud and ferry him back to Fredericton.

Liberal MLA Rick Doucet, a pilot himself, calls that ridiculous. He says the government is trying to cut spending by $350 million in the next budget, and yet is using a plane that costs $1,100 an hour.

"They've been looking at all kinds of avenues at how they can save money – and here they have a taxi service for the ministers."

But Transportation Minister Paul Robichaud defends the practice. He says using the plane frees cuts his driving time by about eight hours a trip, and allows him to spend more hours working on government business.

"Time is one of the few factors you have control over in government. The airplane helps us to manage our time."

Robichaud says he is investigating ways to save money with the use of plane. But, he says, stopping cabinet ministers from flying to and from work probably won't be one of them.