New Liberal leader Brian Gallant was elected on Saturday, but he doesn’t have a seat in the New Brunswick legislature. (CBC)

Premier David Alward's Progressive Conservative government is offering a quick entry into the New Brunswick legislature for the new leader of the provincial Liberal party.

Moncton-area lawyer Brian Gallant was elected on Saturday, but he doesn’t have a seat in the legislature.

"There’s no doubt it's going to be a big factor in trying to keep this government accountable," he said.

Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud said if Gallant can convince a sitting Liberal MLA to resign, the Tories will call a byelection immediately and won't run a candidate against him.

Robichaud said a lot of of important issues will be debated in the upcoming session and Gallant should be there.

"I do believe New Brunswickers deserve to have, in the chamber, the leader of the Liberal party and the leader of the Official Opposition, to know exactly what he stands for on those issues and a lot of issues that are very important for New Brunswickers," he said.

Gallant said on the weekend it was too soon to decide who might step aside for him.

But former-premier Shawn Graham doesn’t plan to run again in his Kent riding.

Graham said he's willing to discuss a quick departure with the new leader but for the moment, he plans to keep his seat.

"Well, I'll always work with the leader for what's in the best interests of the party, and if that discussion arises, we'll have that discussion, but as I've said, right now my intention is to serve," he said.

Seat or no seat, Gallant said he’ll be a presence in the legislature when it sits.