Tiny the cat, the formerly fat feline who dieted to health, wellness — and internet notoriety —- will be recognized on the floor of the New Brunswick Legislature tomorrow as part of the Fredericton SPCA's 100th anniversary celebration.

When Tiny was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA just before New Year's Day, 2012, he weighed more than 30 pounds.

That's why the shelter named him Tiny — and put him on a diet.

The fat cat became an internet phenomenon with almost 270,000 page views on the CBC website.

Now, adopted by Nancy Garon, Tiny has slimmed down to 16 pounds, 5 ounces. That's almost half his original body weight.

"It's just an encouragement to show others that it can be done," said Garon.


Fredericton's Tiny the cat will enjoy the spotlight in the provincial legislature Friday.

"And he's so healthy. Like, his coat has changed. His personality has changed. When I first had Tiny, I remember he went to jump on the La-Z-Boy and he hesitated … And now he's running. Like he'll jump on the triple dresser in my bedroom, he never would have done that."

And Tiny has also been pulling his weight at the SPCA.

There's a line of Tiny Ties on sale to raise money for the shelter.

Tiny is a big help, says Karen McGeean, the SPCA's director of marketing and development.

"Last year, he raised $10,000 for the shelter for special-needs pets," said McGeean.

"So that all the money that we make from that goes directly into a special needs fund for other animals within the shelter that need that extra surgery, need that dental and eye removal. Something that we can't afford to do, that Tiny's fund go toward that."

That's good news for the other animals at the shelter and for Tiny, it's meant a steady stream of public appearances.