NB Shale Gas Protest 20131017

RCMP allege the news agencies were taking footage of burned RCMP vehicles when they were ordered to leave the area and their equipment. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

A third person has been arrested in connection with a confrontation with media at an anti-shale gas protest near Rexton last fall, say RCMP.

A 34-year-old woman from Elsipogtog First Nation was arrested on Wednesday and released on conditions, Staff Sgt. Jeff Johnston stated in a release.

She is scheduled to appear in Elsipgotog court on Feb. 26, he said.

On Oct. 19, three journalists and two technicians from three separate news agencies were reporting in Rexton, taking footage of the wreckage of several RCMP vehicles that were destroyed by fire during a protest on Oct. 17.

RCMP allege the news agencies were told to leave the area and were ordered to leave their media vehicles and equipment behind.

The vehicles and equipment were returned later the same day.

A 36-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, who are also from Elsipogtog, have also been arrested in connection with the incident.

The woman was arrested on Dec. 20 and released on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 26.

She is facing possible charges of mischief and intimidation, RCMP have said.

The man, who was arrested in Shediac on Jan. 6, has been charged with three counts of mischief, five counts of intimidation, and one count of uttering threats to damage a journalist's equipment.

He was also charged with uttering threats towards an employee of a private security firm working in Rexton, in connection with an incident that occurred on Sept. 30.