Codiac RCMP Staff Sgt. Mark Janes said the two teenage boys were taken down at gunpoint after a weapon, which turned out to be fake, was pointed at one Codiac RCMP officer.

Two boys were taken down at gunpoint on Sunday afternoon after the teens pointed a replica gun at two Codiac RCMP officers.

The Codiac RCMP received a 911 call at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday saying two males were walking around Prince Edward Park with a handgun, which had been pointed at a person.

When two RCMP officers found the teens, Staff Sgt. Mark Janes said the weapon was pointed at one of them.

"The young fella points the gun at the police officer just after he got out of the police car, so he took cover, immediate cover, pulled his weapon and then took the young guys down at gunpoint,” Janes said.

Officers ordered the two boys, aged 14 and 15, to drop the weapon and lay on the ground.

The teenage boys are fortunate that they were not hurt in what could have been a potential life-and-death situation, Janes said.

“They were then, because of their age, taken to their parents' place and the parents were spoken to,” Janes said.

“The firearm was destroyed and there will not be any charges with these youth. But there could very well have been charges laid as well."

Janes said it turned out the gun was an Airsoft gun which is made to look like a legitimate firearm.

He said police officers have to assume the weapon is real in cases such as this and take necessary action to protect other officers and the public.