A 15-year-old boy has been charged with assault with a weapon after a 14-year-old girl's hair was set on fire in a Saint John school's classroom.

According to Saint John police, the boy allegedly used a lighter to set the girl's hair on fire Friday morning at Simonds High School.

Her skin was not burned but her hair was slightly damaged.

Sgt. Glenn Hayward said the boy is facing three charges.

"He attempted to do the same thing to two other young female students," Hayward alleged.

The boy has been suspended from school indefinitely. He's scheduled to appear in court on March 12.

Recent bullying incidents

This is the latest in a string of bullying incidents in New Brunswick schools.

Meanwhile, school officials at Forest Hills School invited the Saint John police to make a presentation on Monday after at least one report of bullying.

Sgt. David Hartley-Brown, a member of the police force’s community service unit, told students on Monday about where they can go for help if they're being bullied. The presentation was also intended to send a strong message to bullies.

After age 12, some forms of bullying can be considered a criminal offence.

Nadine Bulmer said this week that some of the students at the middle school formed what they call a bully circle to push her 13-year-old son around.

As well, a Fredericton couple decided to pull their son, Brenden, out of Leo Hayes High School after months of degrading harassment by another student.

Brenden and his parents say he has been bullied by an ex-girlfriend, and Leo Hayes High School has done nothing to deal with it.