Target is opening three New Brunswick locations on Nov. 13.

American retail giant Target is set to open three New Brunswick locations on Nov. 13 as part of a 31-store blitz across Canada. (CBC)

New Brunswick retailers may soon feel the "pinch" from three new Target locations opening in the province on Wednesday, says a retail consultant.

The American retail giant is opening stores in Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton as part of a 31-store blitz across Canada.

But the discount chain has had some growing pains at other recently opened locations in Canada, says Jim Danahy, who works for Customer Lab, a company that helps to develop and improve retail businesses.

He believes Target's goal of opening 200 stores and hiring 27,000 staff as soon as possible has stretched it a bit thin.

Once the company stabilizes, however, it will provide some competition, said Danahy, pointing to the Fredericton location as an example.

"The store is within three kilometres of the downtown shopping district. I think this may be one where, once Target really does get its act together, it's probably going to pinch a little on the main street retailers in the downtown area," said Danahy.

Still, some shoppers at the already-opened Target stores in Canada have expressed disappointment that the prices aren't as low as in the American locations, he said.

Other big box stores, such as Wal-Mart, are less likely to be affected, he added.