Tourism Minister Trevor Holder cut the number of advertising contracts in January. ((Government of New Brunswick))

Toronto-based T4G is the provincial government’s new lead agency responsible for developing its tourism campaigns over the next three years.

The company beat out the only other competitor that applied for the lucrative contract.

The contract is worth $13.36 million over three years, with an option to renew for an additional two years.

Kathryn Tector, a spokesperson for T4G, said the company will be providing the day-to-day account management for the tourism department.

T4G will lead a group of companies including Montreal's Blueblancrouge and Moncton's Hawk Communications.

"One thing that will be a bit different with the choice of T4G as the lead is that we are going to be more digitally-focused and complement our skills with those of Bleucblancrouge out of Montreal and Hawk marketing services out of Moncton," Tector said.

Tector said T4G has people working on the account in its Moncton and Saint John offices.

Jane Matthews-Clark, a spokesperson for the tourism department, outlined some of the benefits of picking T4G.

"T4G is a very well-established firm in New Brunswick. And they have a sizeable presence in New Brunswick, and have had for many years," she said.

The previous tourism contract was held by a group of three companies.

T4G provided was involved with web services, while Revolution of Saint John was the agency of record except for the Quebec market. LG2 took care of that market.

However, the tourism department decided not to renew Revolution’s contract for the fourth and fifth years. 

No New Brunswick companies bid on the tourism contract.