Some Kent County residents have questions after SWN Resources sent them a letter letting them know it plans to drill an exploratory well in their area.

Residents of Galloway, near Rexton, say they have questions the company hasn’t answered.

Maurice Albert and his wife say they were notified by SWN last week.

Not only is their home nearby, the Alberts also own land next to the well site.

“We're planning on passing down our land to our kids. What are they going to have to deal with? The resources that we have, the clean water, the clean air. It's a beautiful place to live and I'd hate to see it be ruined,” said Kim.

SWN says it’s trying to reassure residents that won't happen.

The company says it's doing an environmental impact assessment "to identify steps to avoid or mitigate environmental impacts."

It says the exploratory well will be drilled to gather rock samples, but there will be no hydraulic fracturing.

Long-term concerns

Albert says if gas is found in the shale, he's worried for his family's farm.

“It's extremely important to the cranberry farmers because water management is a big thing. They need water for irrigation. And they need it for flooding in the winter time. So they really need good water. If they lose their water their whole investment is gone,” he said.

People who both oppose and support fracking told CBC they want more details from SWN.

Rosella Richard's home is one kilometre from the proposed test well site.

“We never had any conversations with any of them. They mostly talk on TV, but not face to face,” she said.

SWN says it has made copies of its 98-page assessment available at municipal offices.

Richard says the company doesn't understand the community.

“Even though we read that, we don't understand everything, you know what I mean, because we don't have any education,” she said.

In an email, SWN wrote it’s open to meet with groups and organizations that invite the company to speak.

But the company won't say whether it plans to organize a meeting with all affected residents.