Two cadets at a summer camp have confirmed cases of swine flu, forcing the cancellation of an upcoming rotation of kids at the Argonaut Army Cadet Summer Training Centre at CFB Gagetown.

The two cadets were tested for the virus after 27 kids reported to the Argonaut Medical Clinic in the past 10 days with flu-like symptoms, according to a camp statement.

None of the cadets have been hospitalized and the camp's statement said all parents were notified.

The cadets who were complaining of the illness were tested.

One cadet who has a confirmed case of swine flu has been taken home. However, the other cadet is still in "contained medical supervision," according to the statement.

About 600 cadets at a time pass through the camp throughout the summer.

The statement said the camp staff decided on Thursday to halt the second two-week tour of cadets, which was to start this weekend.

The camp staff will be make a decision shortly on upcoming groups of cadets set to attend in early August.

The Department of Health confirmed on Thursday 20 new cases of swine flu in New Brunswick, pushing the total to 61.

Last week, the World Health Organization said there are so many new swine flu cases that governments should stop tallying the number of H1N1 patients nationally.

The Public Health Agency of Canada will focus on monitoring severe illnesses and measuring the community spread of H1N1, rather than individual cases.