An art-project at a New Brunswick school is drawing attention to wasteful water bottles thanks to a video produced by the students.

The rant starring Caleb Dorey, a Grade 12 student at Sussex Regional High School, is shot Rick Mercer style. Dorey says it took a lot of practice, but hopes the passion he put into it inspires people to be more responsible with plastic bottles.

"Plastic bottles are a very serious issue in the world today because we produce so many of them and we recycle very little and they all go out in the environment and they harm plants and animals and they don't exactly help us any," he said.

Great Big Water Bottle Project

The water bottle project involved making a mosaic using more than 7,000 painted water bottles. (CBC)

The art project features more than 7,400 used water bottles that were painted before going into a massive mosaic to draw attention to the negative effect bottles have on the environment.

The Great Big Water Bottle Project won a national ArtsSmarts Open competition. Now the students want to take the message nation-wide and the Mercer-style rant is part of that.

Dorey's rant challenges Mercer to come to school and shoot a segment about the Great Water Bottle Project and draw more attention to the issue.

Student John Monahan, who edited the video, thinks they have a good shot at attracting the star of the Rick Mercer Report.

"It's a good subject matter and it needs to get out there," he said. "The more it gets out there, the better.

"It's promoting awareness and nothing bad can come from it."

Sussex High already has a good track record when it comes to luring celebrities. Last year, a writing class lured reclusive author Stephen King to pay them a visit.