A non-profit organization in Sussex has installed security cameras to stop people from dropping off unwanted junk at its door.

The Sussex Sharing Club runs a food bank that provides for about 200 families and a thrift shop.

It moved to its present location a year ago, but found itself paying a hefty bill to get rid of junk that people were leaving at the door.

"In 2013, we had spent almost $3,500 getting rid of garbage that was here that was being set aside," said club president Alfie Smith.

The club's budget is tight, so every dollar spent hauling away someone else's trash is a dollar not spent on helping other people.

Sharing club cameras

The Sussex Sharing Club now has four exterior and four interior security cameras. (CBC)

Not everything that is donated to the thrift shop can be reused, says Wendy Miller McKenna, who works in the thrift shop.

"We get a lot of good things, and we get some not so good as well," she said.

For instance, someone dropped off paint cans and soiled mattresses that the club had to haul away to the landfill.

"The money we make at the store goes to buy food, so if we're spending money on carting away someone's garbage, well …"

The regional service commission refunded some of the club's bill for garbage disposal.

Sussex Town Council provided funding to allow the club to install four security cameras on the building's exterior and four others inside the premises. So far, it seems to be working, says Smith.

"Once we put the signs out there and advertisements, we find that a lot of the stuff has stopped," he said. "Whether it starts up again when fine weather gets here, well hopefully not."

Smith says the Sharing Club will report any one dumping unwanted junk at the club to local police.