Superhero costumes may soon be popular choice for girls

A revamping of female superheroes could soon make them a popular choice for Halloween costumes among girls, according to a philosophy professor from Mount Allison University.

Revamped characters will make them more appealing, professor predicts

Captain Marvel, on the left, has taken the place of the old Ms. Marvel character. (Marvel Comics)

Superhero costumes could soon be just as popular for girls as they are for boys at Halloween, according to a philosophy professor from Mount Allison University.

Jane Dryden says female superheroes are no longer just super-sexy characters with thigh-high boots and lots of skin showing.

They are being revamped, she said, citing the example of comic book character Ms. Marvel being transformed into Captain Marvel.

"And one of the things that's neat is that the editor at the back of the first issue of the new Captain Marvel specifically said that the old costume wasn't something that fathers would want their daughters dressing up in for Halloween.

"And some of the letters to the new comic have explicitly been saying, 'Hey, I would be happy with my daughter dressing up as this.' I think this is exciting," Dryden said.

Another example, she said, is the Marvel Comics character Psylocke, a psychic ninja.

"She used to, again, have the lots-of-skin-revealing type of costume and even she has a revamped costume in some of the new stuff that’s a little more practical, something you could actually imagine maybe dressing up in and not feeling embarrassed."

So far, the new generation of female superheroes are only in the comic books and haven't made their way to mainstream movies, said Dryden.

But she's convinced it's just a matter of time.