While every child in New Brunswick has the right to a free education, it seems every school in the province has some kind of fee. With that in mind, the new Anglophone West School District says all of its schools will eventually be asked to provide an audit.

The fee amount and their use, varies across the province. Fredericton High School students pay $40 while at Canterbury High School, a smaller school, the fee is $25.

Riverview Middle School gives parents an option to pay $30 or participate in a magazine sale fundraiser

The Department of Education began to study the fee issue, but the survey was sidelined by the school district amalgamation.

For big schools, fees can mean big money.

Last year, Fredericton High School collected around $70,000 for locker repairs, guest speakers, and a whole list of clubs, said principal Shane Thomas.

The fee pays for sports teams, drama productions and the school agenda they're printed in.

"They would see there's probably 50 activities in there that that's directed to. Any activity that goes on that students are involved in, or could be involved in, that's where the money goes to," said Thomas.

Shawn Tracey, CFO of the new Anglophone West District, said the fee survey will be extended to all schools in the larger district.

"It's one of those things we're going to have work our way through to see what they're charging for what and why. And then it will be up to the superintendent of schools and our district education councils to route that direction in Anglophone West with policy," he said.

Tracey said it will likely be 2013 before the survey is continued.