Students and professors at Mount Allison University in Sackville are going public with their anger against the university's president and his administration.

Students have been holding weekly protests in hopes of getting a rebate for the three weeks of class they lost during a faculty strike.

Student leader Alex Thomas said the lack of a refund is an example of how out of touch Mount Allison president Robert Campbell is.

"I think there's a united voice coming from students and professors," Thomas said. "We're tired of authoritative management of the administration. We're tired at the lack of consultation."

Professors have joined the chorus of criticism. Faculty at Mount Allison voted 60-1 to support a motion of non-confidence in the academic leadership of the current president Robert Campbell and provost Karen Grant. 

Math professor Andrew Irwin said that the university managers have no respect for professors either. 

"There are committees that used to meet regularly that no longer meet regularly or don't meet at all," Irwin said.

"We want them to understand that we need changes in the governance of the institution."

President Campbell was not available for an interview Friday. Instead, one of the vice-presidents, David Stewart, commented on the protest.

Stewart said the push back is just union posturing and normal student behaviour.

"That's life at a university isn't it? You have lots of people with different views about different things so [this] year these issues, are important issues but these things happen at universities."

Stewart said the university is well managed, and added that it is still highly ranked.