University and high school students will soon be starting the search for summer work and while the federal government has committed to doubling its funds for student summer jobs, just what the employment prospects look like in the province is unknown.

Joseph Goodwin is studying voice at the Université de Moncton and is one student hoping he can find summer work. He says he needs a job to help fund his fourth year of university studies.

"It's really important this year that I find a job," Goodwin said.

Goodwin worked at the Sussex library two years ago on a provincial student grant. But last summer he was unable to find any government grant funded jobs.

"I worked at Burger King where I'd worked before a few hours, but that was really it. So really hoping to find something at least 30 hours [a week] this year," said Goodwin.

​Who's hiring?

The federal government is doubling its investment in student jobs and estimate there will be 70,000 positions open across the country this summer.

The government's press release says the budget will increase by up to $113 million for the next three years.

The City of Moncton, however, is offering 20 per cent less student employment this summer over last year. According to Isabelle LeBlanc, the city's communications director, the reduction isn't a result of cuts.

It's a based on reduced need, she says.

"It's about the city adopting the Lean Six Sigma approach and making process changes throughout the corporation to do things more efficiently using the same or less resources," LeBlanc said. 

Leblanc says the number of students it needs each year fluctuates.

Meanwhile in Fredericton

City officials in Fredericton say the summer hiring budget remains the same as previous years.

At the University of New Brunswick, there will be fewer students hired over the summer. 

The Career Development and Employment Centre on campus wasn't eligible to apply for summer student job funding from the province's summer employment program this year.

That means it won't be hiring the 13 student positions that were available last year.

With files from Tori Weldon