Chip Hunter says his corn crop in Florenceville-Bristol was flattened by post-tropical storm Arthur, but he expects it will slowly recover. (David Mercer/Associated Press)

Farmers in New Brunswick are assessing their crops after the pounding they took during post-tropical storm Arthur over the weekend.

Chris Hunter says his fields in Florenceville-Bristol received 10 cm of rain and the high winds flattened his corn crop.

But he believes the corn will recover.

"I liken it to a prizefighter that's taken an awful pummelling and he slowly begins to get himself back up off the mat," he said.

"This is what the corn plants seem to be doing, they're slowly but surely righting themselves."

Hunter says his potatoes were also tossed around by the storm, but managed to stay planted.

Meanwhile, the leaves on the squash, pumpkins and cucumbers are ragged, but recovering.

Despite the damage, Hunter says there were some positives from the storm. His crops received much needed water and the winds blew the potato bugs away, he said.