A white Mazda reported stolen from the Minto area was pulled from Douglas Harbour on Monday morning, RCMP say.

Police don't believe anyone was in the car when it went into the harbour in an area of Grand Lake where three or four other stolen vehicles have met a similar fate, according to Cpl. Matt Hansen.

RCMP received the report of a stolen car at 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Another call came in later that day reporting a car submerged off the Douglas Harbour wharf, about 55 kilometres east of Fredericton. 

Hansen said the RCMP determined it was the same vehicle.  

car recovered RCMP

The RCMP dive team that was called to recover the car search the vehicle for remains and other evidence before letting the tow truck pull it from the water. (Ed Hunter/CBC )

An RCMP dive team and tow truck were on scene to haul the mid-size car from the harbour.

Hansen said police have no leads, but they continue to investigate.

"This seems to be the latest fad in stolen vehicle disposal," he said. "Just to dump them in the water somewhere, Occasionally, we find them burnt or just abandoned."

car recovered RCMP

The dive team had four members at the recovery: a supervisor, pictured here, a diver, one safety diver and a support member. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

Cpl. Raphael Vezina, a dive team member who helped retrieve the car, said there were 16 calls for the dive team in New Brunswick last year.

The team includes four members: a supervisor, a diver, one safety diver and a support member.

"He [the diver] did a circle around the vehicle to search for if there was a body inside," Vezina said. "In this case, there was nobody in there."

car recovery RCMP

Cpl. Matt Hansen says this is this third or fourth car RCMP have pulled from the water in the area. (Ed Hunter/CBC )

At Douglas Harbour, the diver made sure there was no other evidence before attaching the tow truck hook to the vehicle so it could be pulled out.

Venzia said the number of underwater recovery operations depends on the year.

"If I'm searching for somebody or something, my goal is to find that object or that person."

Car was pulled out of the water after reported missing Sunday in Minto0:56

With files from Catherine Harrop