New Brunswick set up regulations for midwifery in 2010. ((CBC))

There are still no midwives in New Brunswick, despite legislation passed by the previous Liberal government to legalize and regulate the profession.

Legislation recognizing midwifery as a profession was adopted in 2008. In 2010, the regulations were set up.

Health Minister Madeleine Dubé said so far no one has applied to be licensed as a midwife in the province.

Licensed midwives would become employees of the Regional Health Authorities and their services would be publicly funded.

Midwives help women in their pregnancies, including deliveries, often in their homes.

"Up to now, there's nobody who has requested a licence from the council, but obviously we continue to prepare ourselves so on the date when that happens, everything will be ready for it," said Dubé.

On Wednesday, Dubé introduced a new bill to fix some details in the process.

For example, it will give midwives the authority to deal with the employers of pregnant women when they need time off work.

She said it's hard to say when midwives will be practicing in the province, given no one has applied for a licence yet.

Prince Edward Island and Yukon are the only province and territory in Canada to not have midwifery regulations in place.