A week after an ice jam flooded homes and businesses in a small New Brunswick town residents are still adding up the damage and keeping a wary eye on the river where the ice flow won't budge.

A thick layer of ice continues to block a portion of the Nashwaak River in the community of Stanley, located about 40 kilometres north of Fredericton.

With temperatures warming up people are questioning if the ice will cause any more damage.

Susan Gullison said with the ice jam still outside her front door she won't feel safe until it's gone.

"Still very nervous. During the day we constantly watch the ice to see if it's moving. The mayor comes and reports to us every day about the ice jam  further [up]  river to make sure it hasn't gone or the one down below river too by Maclaggan Bridge is still there too," she said.

"So it's just a constant of worry of wondering when it's going to go out and what will happen when it does."

Fire Chief Shawn Sampson said he's been keeping an eye on the ice jam, but there’s little to do but wait.

"We're trying to pick up the pieces from what happened already. I'm not rebuilding anything, trying to get things cleaned up until after the ice jam does move and we'll just take things day by day," he said

"I’m not doing her twice. I ’m just cleaning up the mess once.

It’s also unclear how the village will pay for the repairs since the amount of damage isn't enough to qualify for disaster relief.

Sampson says the fire department is trying to find ways to pay for the damage and they may hold a fundraising concert.

The village is also continuing to look for ways to help the flood victims.

It will be holding an information meeting for them on Wednesday.