The new superintendent for English schools in the Moncton area says the new district has many staffing decisions to be made in the coming months.

Education Minister Jody Carr unveiled on Friday the seven superintendents who will lead the newly formed school districts. The Department of Education announced earlier this year that it would cut the number of school districts to seven from 14.

Gregg Ingersoll, who is the currently the direction of education for District 2 in Moncton, will be the new superintendent of the Anglophone East district.

Ingersoll said one of his immediate priorities is arranging the district's staffing for the fall.

"The main challenge immediately is to get all the right people in place and get the staffing done because we are getting late in the staffing process,’ Ingersoll said.

"Here at the beginning of May, usually we're a little further along than we are now. And we're not going through restructuring like we are now. So the challenge will be to get that all done before the end of the school year, most of it."

Ingersoll and the other superintendents start their new jobs on July 1.

The school district reorganization will mean 65 staff reductions, but none will be in the classroom, Carr said on Friday.

The job cuts are mainly in administration.