Crew near St. Stephen

The ice-storm cut power to thousands of customers in New Brunswick. A motel owner near St. Stephen let people without power stay for free over Christmas. (Submitted by NB Power)

A motel operator near St. Stephen, N.B., opened his doors over Christmas to people who lost power, but refused to charge them anything for their stay.

Jim Dunlap owns the Scoodic Motel in Oak Bay and is getting a lot of praise for helping those in need.

He filled all his rooms on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, mostly with families looking for a warm bed.

Dunlap said it didn’t seem right to charge people who showed up on Christmas Eve. He also didn’t charge his regular guests.

“There are those that we couldn’t accommodate that we still provided rooms for showers, or change of clothing, or just come in and have coffee and whatever,” Dunlap said.

“Everybody appreciated whatever little bit we could do.”