St. James' Gate, a popular Moncton restaurant, has been closed indefinitely after an early morning flood left about four feet of water in the basement of the Church Street establishment. About 40 people are out of work.

Co-owner Troy Boudreau says he came in to find "everything is floating, which is not a good morning."

Boudreau says the flood appears to have been caused by a burst water sprinkler pipe, spraying water all over the restaurant and leaking down into the basement,

'We will be open again.'
- Troy Boudreau, co-owner

He says the restaurant and bar will have to be gutted due to water and electrical damage and the boutique hotel, which operated upstairs, is now closed.

Along with the damage to the main floor, Boudreau says the real mess is in the basement.


A flood in the early morning hours on Thursday has closed the popular St. James' Gate restaurant in Moncton. (Pierre Fournier)

"All of the guts of your business are downstairs. You don't have your electrical panels and your washer and dryers, prep room, all that in your restaurant, it's all in your basement," he said.

Boudreau says he is talking to the labour board, and his insurance company to see how long it's going to be before the doors can reopen. 

"I have no idea how long. I'm hoping 30 days but that's probably optimistic with the amount of damage I saw in the basement," he said.

Most of the food on site was saved, said Boudreau. He said it was loaded onto a refrigerated truck and taken to his Dieppe location at Fox Creek. 

He says although the cleanup and repairs are going to be a major job, "we will be open again."